About KilRock

KilRock: Free Form radio and all about good music!

Not too many radio stations dare to challenge the industry. KilRock does. From a cultural perspective radio can be much more interesting and that’s the reason why our music choice is significantly different.

Being a ‘free form’ radio station, KilRock presents quite a colorful palette of pop, (album) rock and soul.


As a bonus, only the hourly news (in Dutch) interrupts the sheer fun of listening to the great songs KilRock presents.

We don’t make any money. If we do, we spend it on our music catalogue and our technical facilities. The reason why? The KilRock crew wants you to have a fresh ear on -ironically sometimes rather old- music you may not have heard in your lifetime at all. We are music freaks, expecting you are of the same species too.

KilRock means good music. So we invite you to hook up to our stream and listen to the greatest pop music ever.

Let us know what you think of our choice of music. Any suggestions? Grab that e-mail client and drop us a line right away!

Willem Klomps
KilRock founder/owner & station manager