KilRock radio (named after the Dutch Kil River area) pays homage to AM radio and the great artists and songs of the Great Pop Music Era (1950-1985). We only play the right versions, edits, mixes of the most beautiful pop music ever made.

0600 – 1200 am (CEST):
Morning Music
60’s Pop, soul, girl groups, early 70’s & novelty records, oldies

1200 – 0600 pm (CEST):
Afternoon Music
70’s/80’s rock, album tracks

0600 – 1100 pm (CEST):
Evening Music
album tracks, 70’s/80’s rock, nuggets, reggae, novelty & cult records, progressive rock

1100 pm – 0100 am (CEST):
Sleepg Music
Ballads, singer/songwriter, middle of the road, easy listening

0100 – 0600 am (CEST):
Night Music
Well known songs in different languages by the original artists or groups, album tracks, alternative/demo/live tracks, pop, oldies & novelties.

0900 – 1200 am (CEST):
Sunday Morning Music
The real old & curious stuff.

1200 – 0600 pm (CEST):
Sunday Afternoon Music
The best known European hits.

0700 – 1000 pm (CEST):
Sunday Night Music
The real old & curious stuff (& the Sleep Music Bonus Hour)

CEST = Central European Summer Time (= UTC + 2)